Recently South Korean girls group Ive unveiled the tracklist for their upcoming 3rd single album ‘After Like’. This album consists of two single songs, “After Like” and “My Satisfaction”. Both the songs have been composed by Rayan Jhon who was also the producer of IVE’s debut album “Eleven”.

Credit: iketerumens

‘After Like’ is a song, which about specific love methods. Where girls and women are confident in their emotions and pursue what they want in love. The lyrics are as strong as they can bring storm in your mind. In particular, it is an extension of ‘Love Dive”, which contains the massage to jump in whenever anyone dares to love. It is enough to feel a different charm from the sensibility shown in previous music.

Credit: kpoplife

Another b-side song “My Satisfaction”, is a song that gives a majestic feeling under a heavy beat, exuding Ives elegance and intense energy. The best moment is that they colored themselves with “six colorful eyebrows” at the same time. This starship entertainment girl’s group is also the presence of a representative k-pop girl group. Ive which has been at the center of k-pop around the world initiated a new era in the music world. They also emphasize the unique group identity and team color, breaking away from the stereotypical worldview of the existing k-pop scene.

Credit: iwmbuzz

With these two songs, Ive explained two keywords – confidence, and freedom. It is ready to change the K-pop landscape once again. “Eleven” emphasized the best combination, “LOVE DIVE” which shows the visuals and dignified attitude of the six members. In addition, “After Like” which is full of colorful charms, is the time to prove its presence once again. Ive, who was perfect from the start, confidently heralds a new era.