According to the sources, the change of another Royal member being king has expanded. This is great news for the followers of the Royal family. Currently, there are five “counselors of state”, and the list might get longer. The royal in line for this new list is Princess Anne and Prince Edward.


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Duty of the counselors

The duty of counselors is necessary for the royal system. For any reason, if the Monarch is not doing well in any means and staying overseas, the counselors can take the responsibility for taking decisions that are important for the state. Also, the power is derived from the constitution, so the gravity of the matter is heavy.


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Controversy about the power

Although the position of the counselor seems important, there are some questions regarding its credibility. For a long time, there has been a question about the power of the position. The house of lords is thinking about updating the rules of the position and means of eligibility.


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The time for the update

Updating the Royal rules is not that easy. It takes a year-long process including amending the Regency Act. That is a big hassle by itself. After getting confirmation from other royals, the procedure usually starts.