After their debut in the Hollywood classic, A Star is Born, Lady Gaga went through a reinvention and rejuvenation. Her duets with Tony Bennett, her show-stopping concerts, ranging from innovative Las Vegas residencies to a stellar 2017 Super Bowl halftime performance — it’s hard to escape the fact that her last few albums have been wildly uneven.

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Although the album was released during the pandemic, its success was not disrupted by any action. Yes, we missed the tours and live shows. But finally, we got what we were waiting for from Lady Gaga. Every song in the Chromatica has a heart-thumping beat and melody to it. What Lady Gaga does the best.

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Lady Gaga thought the album would have a hard time, as there were so many cooks in the kitchen. But she believed in herself and made it work. The album title song has its music video. This was the first time for Lady Gaga to work with another pop star, Ariana Grande. Both of the stars made a high-energy music video. The song was “Rain on me”, probably one of the most liked songs from the album.

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Another song “Babylon” has created some controversy. People are speculating some of the lyrics have been altered, as the song was not supposed to be published during a pandemic. But these rumors aside, the album got love from fans all over the world.