The Naked and Famous star Alisa Xayalith is going to release her debut solo single ‘High Fidelity’. The singer described the first taste of this upcoming album as dreamy, moody and romantic”

Credit: nme

The new lush, spacious pop cut track is produced by Simon Oscroft. The singer’s syrupy vocals will amaze you with shimmering synths and an effervescent chorus.

The pop singer has also shared a video shot on 16mm alongside the solo track. The video presented Xayalith in the Californian town of Lone Pine. Xayalith explained in that clip, “There’s a sense of elation and freedom in this music video that captures the essence of feeling in love again.”

Credit: marieclaire

Xayalith also stated in her statement, “I wanted to create a world I could escape in and reflect how I want to be seen. This project has given me permission to explore and write love songs the way I’ve always wanted to. So I felt it was fitting to release ‘High Fidelity’ first.”

Credit: hypebae

Then she added, “I spent hours learning how to vocal produce my own vocal, learning how to use Logic and create my own demos. I guess the pandemic pushed me to become as self-sufficient as possible in the studio. I’m still a work in progress but I’m proud of the ground I’ve laid for myself so far.”