American have always shown interest in the Royal family. They show interest whenever the Royal family has something to say. This time they are in the support of Harry and Megan. They want Prince Archie Harrison and Princess Lilibet Diana to get what they deserve. 


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About the title

Prince Harry and Megan have always been a bit of a rebel. They have shown that they are individuals and there is nothing that can stop them. When it came to the royal title of the newborns, Megan mentioned that the royal title can be hard on the kids, as this has lots

of responsibilities.


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Dispute from the Baptism event

The title conflict is not new. It started from the very beginning of the birth of the newborn. After the baptism event. This was a concern before the birth. No one was sure how it would go. Although, Buckingham palace predicted that. That reflects on the official website.


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What Americans think about it

As always, the people of America have always supported Megan. 53 percent of Americans think that the newborn of the family should have the Royal title. But only the future will tell what would happen to them.