Officials shared new details regarding Anne Heche’s cause of death. Nearly after four months, the new details were explored. The Men in Tree star passed away in a Los Angeles car crash. Then she was admitted to a hospital. It was thought that she died due to inhalation and thermal injuries.

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Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner report revealed that traces of cocaine, cannabinoids, and benzodiazepines were detected in the actress’s system. Cannabinoids are substances that are usually found in cannabis plants.

Los Angeles medical spokesperson clarified that the test detected cannabinoids in her urine but not her blood sample. There was also no evidence of impairment at the time of the crash. The presence of benzoylecgonine also had an inactive metabolite of cocaine. After Heche’s hospitalization, fentanyl was found during a urine test in her system. The test result revealed that Heche was negative for alcohol.

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The new coroner’s report wrote, “Anoxic brain injury (despite the name) is not the result of physical trauma to the body but is an injury due to lack of oxygen.” So, the report identified Heche’s manner of death as an accident.

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The Six Days, Seven Nights actress’ son Homer Laffoon recently shared a statement. He said, “Most importantly, Hollywood Forever is a living place, where people attend movies and concerts and other events,” Then he continued, “She was our Mom, but the kindness and the outpouring of the past few days reminded us that she also belongs to her fans, to the entertainment community, and now, to the ages.”