Netflix has offered us some of the best shows in 2022. As the year is on end, here is a review of some shows that people enjoyed.

Love death and Robot

Mid 2022, this sci-fi show released its 3rd installment and people were excited about it. Previously season one and two were very much appreciated by the fans. Season three was everything they wanted.

Credit: netflix


This has been a super hit show for Netflix this year. At the end of the year, a show about Adams’s family was released and it reached the top chart of popularity. Previously this franchise has movies, tv shows, and others. The series has gained the franchise so much popularity that they are thinking about launching a new series.

Credit: heavenofhorror

Stranger things

In June of this year, one of the most popular shows on Netflix released its 4th season. As expected, it did well on its own. People enjoyed the series so much that they want more.

Credit: elle

Never Have I Ever

This popular teen drama launched its season 3 in August of 2022. People loved it so much that just after the launch they released the date for season 4. This was another hit by Netflix.

Credit: netflix