HBO Max always comes up with a series that turns the world around. Their popular shows make the fans come to them time and time again. This month, HBO max is presenting a couple of series that would make your watch time worthwhile.


Perry Mason

This show is currently in its second season, so you know it is good. This is a show about a defense attorney who was on the way to solving a murder case. All the different turns and socks made the series more appealing to the viewers.


Credit: latimes

The last of us

Right now, this is the show that everyone is talking about. If you haven’t seen this show yet, make time and watch it. This is a Video game adaptation series, so many people can relate to it on a different level.


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I hate Suzie

We don’t appreciate people who are not on their best behavior. But sometimes life takes turns and we lose control over it. This is a show about a person who is going through the same rough patch. All the self-destructive behaviors and other harmful signs make the show interesting to watch.  


Credit: tvinsider

South Side

Two friends who live in Chicago want to be in a place where they have a good life. That’s it. This is the whole plot of the show. What makes it interesting is how they are doing it.