Netflix has become the center of watching movies, and series. For March, here are some suggestions that you can watch to have a good time.


Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

True crime documentaries on Netflix are always thought-provoking and enlightening. Our current offering is a three-part documentary directed by Julia Willoughby Nason and Jenner Furst (LuLaRich, The Pharmacist) that explores one of South Carolina’s most distinguished families. There is a lot to absorb in these three episodes, which feature first-hand stories from individuals on the boat. It is a must-see for real crime aficionados.


Credit: rottentomatoes

Red Rose

This British horror thriller, which was first broadcast on BBC Three last year, has found its way to Netflix for further people to enjoy. While its emerging stars are young, this is one drama that does not rely on infantile jump scares. Instead, it takes a darker look at social media and cultural forces.


Credit: netflix

The Law According to Lidia Poët

This new Italian historical drama has just arrived on Netflix, and it not only tells the crucial true tale of Italy’s first female lawyer, but it also combines humor, romance, crime, and drama into one wonderfully entertaining watch.


Credit: netflix