Netflix has presented us with so many shows that there is everything for everyone. Among them, some shows are the best. Here are some of them that you can watch.


Lockwood & Co.

The popular Jonathan Stroud stories The Screaming Staircase and The Whispering Skull are adapted for Netflix’s latest YA success story. A trio of ghost-hunting teenagers is causing havoc in London’s thriving supernatural business.


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Dead to Me

As depressing as the dark comedy “Dead to Me” is about women who become friends when one of their husbands dies. It remains one of Netflix’s best shows.


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Ginny and Georgia

Young parents typically have eventful lives, as is the case with Georgia Miller, who has stopped her wandering years only to encounter more turbulence. Ginny, her 15-year-old daughter, is also unable to escape her mother’s history. A second season of this popular series — which is frequently named among the top Netflix shows is unavoidable, as it finished on a cliffhanger begging for more stories.


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Crime Scene

The third season of Crime Scene, “The Texas Killing Fields,” concluded in 2023. It follows a series of cold cases that stretched decades and connected a plot of land that included a field and a highway.