Recently Queen B was performing on a stage in Dubai. Although the concert faced some controversy, at the end of the day, it was Beyonce. The most interesting news from the concert was that Beyonce had declared the Renaissance world tour.


The world tours

A few hours after the glamours tour in Dubai, Beyonce announced the World tour via her social accounts. This is going to be a fantastic event for music lovers around the world. Although people are interested to know the date, there is no clear information about it. It is fixed that the tour is taking place in 2023.


About the concert

As Dubai is a conservative country, so many people from the country were not very happy about Beyonce performing in the country. But the fans spoke the last word. People around the country gathered to see Beyonce for one hour. The magical hour went so fast that people were mesmerized.


New album from Queen B

Since last year, there has been no news of a new album. People are speculating that in this new world tour, there could be the announcement of a new album. Beyonce is unexpected about her new album and loves to surprise her fans in these types of circumstances.