Action movie legend Bruce Willis has made history. He is the first person in the media who have sold the rights to the deep fake. This indicates that his image and mannerism can be used in any project that will be done in his absence. All the work would be done by digital technology.

Credit: vitals

What is deep fake exactly?

Deep fake is a modern technology that allows the digital content creator to make motion pictures so real that it would seem like they are in the recording. But in reality, they are not present in front of the camera. All the work is done by digital media manipulation.

Projects that used the technology

Many movies in Hollywood have used technology to make the whole or some part of the movie. Everyone popular Star Wars heavily used technology to make the movie. Also, in the Mandalorian Season 2 deep fake technology was used and the result was amazing.

Credit: marca

Current situation of Bruce

The 67-year-old star was recently diagnosed with Aphasia. Which is an issue that affects the ability to speak, read, listen, and make a decision. This played an important role in deciding on the approval of the deep fake.