For the last decade, BTS has been one of the most popular boy bands in the music world.

The popularity of the band cannot be described in the world. People worldwide cherish their music and presence. But recently they are taking a break from music to join the army.


Credit: nme

What is going on?

According to the press release, the eldest member of the band has spoken a lot about the

break. Jin, who is very popular in the group, has mentioned the time they are going to be out of music. The process has started and it will end in October this year.


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Why do they have to do it? 

According to South Korean rule, every able-bodied person who attains 18 has to be in the military for a year for training. All men before 30 have to serve in the military for 18 months at least and make progress. It has created many controversies around the world, but the rules are strict.

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Plans after the training 

All the members of the group are thinking about reuniting after the training. As they are mainly musicians and it is their passion, it will be best for them to come back to the industry.