The year has just started. Within a short period, we have lost so many stars that it hurts the fans. These sudden deaths will be impactful on the life of the fans. Here are some celebs that are no longer with us anymore.

Charles Kimbrough

The actor died on January 11, according to his son John Kimbrough, who confirmed his death to the New York Times in February. Charles was 86 years old. He was most known for playing Jim Dial on Murphy Brown (a role he returned in the 2018 revival), for which he received an Emmy nod.

Credit: breitbart

Melinda Dillon

Dillon’s family acknowledged in a memorial that he passed on January 9 at the age of 83. The reason for the demise was not disclosed.

Credit: nbcnews

Paco Rabanne

On February 3, the famed Spanish designer, well known for his fragrances, died at his house in France. He was 88. “The House of Paco Rabanne wants to honor our brilliant designer and creator, who died at the age of 88,” posted the authorized Paco Rabanne Instagram account.

Credit: people

Cindy Williams

On January 25, the Laverne & Shirley alum died at the age of 75. “The departure of our wonderful, humorous parent, Cindy Williams, has given us overwhelming pain that could never properly be articulated,” Zak and Emily Hudson, Williams’ children, wrote in a statement released on January 30.

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