Fans are always the ones who know what their stars are doing. Some people are so sneaky about their passion, many super fans don’t know about it. Here are some stars that make music that most of the fans don’t know about.


Jack Black

This star is known for his comedy, and movies like Nachos Libra, Jumanji, etc. But very few people know that he is into music too. Fans don’t know that he is a frontman and guitarist for tenacious D. This is a comedy rock band, which is very on-brand for this star.


Credit: the-sun

Kevin Bacon

This Tv legend is so known that everyone has at least seen him somewhere. This well-known actor is known for “Six degrees of Kevin bacon”. But many of them don’t know that he is into music, and this is another passion.


Chevy Chase

This Tv personality is known for his project “The National Lampoon”. He is into making Tv series, writing, and hosting talk shows. But many don’t know that he is also into playing music. He also used to make comedy albums.


Credit: tcm


Russell Crowe

His career has experienced decades of playing music. But this was not public news for many years.


Credit: failurebeforesuccess