Whether it is a side hustle or a hobby many celebrities have hidden skills that can amaze their fans. Here we are mentioning some of the stars with hidden talents.

Sydney Sweeney                         

Recently “Euphoria” star Sydney Sweeney has shared to her fans on TikTok about her journey to fix up her “dream car”, 1969 Ford Bronco. The actress has been fixing up the vintage vehicle over the last year. Sydney said about this experience, “It also was really fun at the beginning were a lot of people commented, ‘Wait, she looks like that girl from Euphoria.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah.'” She also explained, “Ran into bumps along the way with the transmission, but finally got the right valve and she’s good! Now to start the fun stuff – interior!”

Credit: pagesix
Christopher Walken

This multifaceted actor has lots of talents including singing, dancing, and many more. But the most interesting part that is unknown to his followers is he had the experience to work as a lion tamer in the circus. He performed that role when he was a teenager. The actor recalled the memory and said, “It was a female named Sheba and she was very sweet. Like a dog, really.” 

Credit: theguardian
Colin Farrell

This Irish actor performed as a line dancer. He was a member of a line-dancing group where he has to dance in country-western style. He was used to wearing all denim and cowboy hats. 

Credit: cntraveller