Season three of The Boys will be wilder and weirder than ever. Recently Chace Crawford revealed this news to his fans. He suggested his fans be prepared for more weirdness than ever before. The actor is playing Deep on Prime Video’s outlandish superhero series “The Boys”.

Credit: vitalthrills

The actor said to his co-star Ackles, “I remember reading that stuff [in the script] and you sent me a text message,” Ackles said to Crawford, “And I have to go find it, but I think it was something like, ‘I don’t know how I’m gonna be able to work after this.'” Ackles is playing the role of a Soldier Boy who is a hero from the World War II era.

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The teaser for season three of “The Boys” shows the character Deep was having sex while staring into the eyes of an octopus. Ackles said, “It was odd being the new kid on the block but pretending to be the old guy who’s been there the longest. That was cool and interesting and unique, but it also brought an interesting dynamic with the other [characters] having grandpa show up, so to speak. And it definitely lends itself to some odd scenes and dialogue.”

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Besides Ackles, Miles Gaston Villanueva and Laurie Holden are also joining the fray. They are playing as Supersonic and Crimson Countess, respectively. This season three also promises to be a big one for Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher.