The popular pop star made his debut on Tuesday on the stern show. Among all the epic interviews, shows, live concerts, and other projects, he is now back to writing songs for other popular singers like Justin Bieber and more. 

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About Charlie’s credibility 

Charlie Puth is not just an average songwriter and singer. He is an expert musician with an actual degree from a university. Also, from a very young age, Charlie used to write songs for people. From the very beginning of his career, he was aiming for the sky. 

From Charlie’s thought 

According to this popular artist, writing songs is a “tension and release” thing for him. He considers a song project as his passion and gives everything to it until the project doesn’t take shape as he wanted. 

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Charlie and Bruce Springsteen 

Recently Charlie is writing a song inspired by Bruce Springsteen. They both became close after Charlie made a cover of his song “growing up” during the pandemic. Bruce was touched by the gesture and kept their friendship alive to this date. According to Bruce, Charlie’s music doesn’t feel like it was made by any human. It’s otherworldly according to him.