BTS just announced that they are going to take a break as a group and shine individually. Just after two weeks of that heartbreaking news, one of the BTS members Jungkook has paired with world-famous Charlie Puth for a new record album. The upbeat new single “Left and Right,” is shaking the world of music fans.

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“Memories follow me left and right/ I can feel you over here/ I can feel you over here/ You take up every corner of my mind,” Puth and the BTS singer croon over a poppy beat in the chorus of the two-and-a-half-minute track.

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There is only a teaser for the music available for the fans. But the duo is promising that there will be a colorful music video. This youngest BTS member has shocked the music world with the new music album with Charlie Puth. Last week, Puth revealed that there will be future work with this BTS member.

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“Left and Right” is Puth’s third song of 2022, making it the third solo album.