There has been a rumor around that these both were getting a bit closer than ever. But everything went upside down when both of them were caught on camera holding hands, walking side by side. People on social media are not speculating that these two stars are now dating.


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What happened

On Thursday, November 10th, The Captain America star, 41, was spotted at Central Park in New York City. While walking, he was seen with the Portuguese actress. They appeared to be happy and laughing at something. Both of them were wearing sunglasses and masks.


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Is the incident true?

The pair was first noticed in 2021. Since then, they have been spotted in multiple spaces at different times. Nothing certain can be said, as both of them have specifically said anything

about their relationship. From their appearance outside the world, it seems

both of them are close.


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Dating life of Chris Evans

For many years, fans have been speculating about many celebrities about his dating life. He has mentioned time and time that he wants a family of his own. But there has been no confirmed news about his dating or married life yet.