Famous actor Christian Bale went to a movie premiere this Wednesday with his wife. After a long break and an absence from the media, he joined a party related to the movie world. At the party, he mentions that he doesn’t watch his movies.


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What might be the reason?

After being asked about his children, he mentioned most of the time they don’t watch his movies. There is no particular reason behind that. It is just that they have different movie preferences.


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What does he think about that

Bale responded that it is nothing serious that his kids don’t see his movies that often. But he really wishes that one day his kids will appreciate his work and show interest in his movies. He does not want to pressure them to watch his movies, he wants them to give priority to their choice.


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Family life

After Bale presented some of his hit movies in Hollywood, he got married and settled with kids. This couple has been happily married for 22 years now with two kids. The couple went on a date night and used this occasion to promote the movie as well.