The Duchess of Sussex has been compared with the Duchess of Cambridge by general people and news outlets. Even in the Opera Show, it was confirmed that the completion of the skin was a concern for the majesty herself. The comments are not direct, but they are subtle if correctly noticed.

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The TikToker Amanda Matta is calling out what she says is the racist language used to differentiate the two royals. She made multiple videos explaining why people are racist and comparing both of the Duchess in a way that is not acceptable at this time.

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In the video, Matta shared a comment posted to one of her previous videos that said: “I just feel that Kate has something very regal about her.” “Yeah, that’s her whiteness,” Matta said in the video, which had more than 1.8 million views at the time of writing. She also shared some comments where Megan was wearing a similar kind of dress as Kate, but people still commented how Megan didn’t look that Royal to them.

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She added: “Sometimes commenters will dress this up as, ‘Kate has class, Meghan doesn’t,’ or, ‘Kate is genuine, and Meghan isn’t.’ But we didn’t all sit down and have a conversation with Meghan, and then with Kate, and collectively come to that conclusion.” Royals are compared all the time, but only for Megan they seem to have issues with her appearing “less royal”.