Netflix’s new documentary series about Megan and Harry has made fans of the royal family very interested in their life. People are waiting for the release day to see what this documentary contains. But as usual, there has been so much controversy already. Before it

was released, people made different kinds of assumptions.


Credit: vox

There is going to be drama from the first episode

As people are speculating, this series is going to unveil so much information that takes place behind the curtain for the royal family. Any information outside the palace is a drama for the general people. Also, the life of Megan and Harry has been nothing but ups and downs. So, fans are thinking that something shocking is going to be presented.


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A traumatic man is going to be published

Harry has always been people’s favorite. He is smart, dutiful, and serious about his work. But, behind this successful man, a traumatic life experience is there. The new documentary is going to present the bad experiences that he had during his lifetime in the royal family.


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The race issues

All the controversy started after Megan mentioned the concern of the royal family regarding the color of the child. This issue is going to be presented in the documentary with further details.