This August, Demi Lovato made their relationship public with musician Jutes. While working on her album, this couple got to know each other and since then they are inseparable. This Christmas, they were seen together enjoying their holiday at Disneyland.

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Time spent together

After an Instagram post, people got to know that this couple is dating and spending their Christmas Eve together. The photo showed both of them wearing head-to-toe full black. The shot was taken in front of the sleeping beauty castle. Also, the caption was very clear that these two were having a great time together.

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How is it going?

After they were asked in an interview about their relationship, Demi mentioned that they are happy together. The joke, the laugh, and mutual respect is keeping them together. Also, their shared love for music and making music has brought them closer.

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After coming out

Last year Demi had come out as a non-binary person. This was shocking for the media, and many people did not take that well. This year Demi spoke out about it and mentioned that she is no longer a non-binary person. This also created much drama among her fans.