A chef who worked for the royal households for 15 years says “Spencer ”, the alleged movie about princess Dianna’s life, got lots of details wrong about the royal family. Fans were not happy about this too, as they wanted to see what happened to their beloved princess.

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The first inappropriate detail was about the food. It was not brought in military trucks; it was sourced locally. The movie wanted to give it a mystery and drama by adding giant military trucks entering the palace with the food they are going to have. According to the family chef, it was a bit too extra.

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The movie started with Dianna being lost while she was driving. But it was not possible and there is a document supporting that. There was no possibility of her being lost since it was her 11th Christmas at Sandringham. McGrady said it was “weird” for the princess to be lost, he thinks it was symbolic.

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In the movie, the royal family was portrayed as very rude and cruel to her, but this was not the case. Yes, the royal family was strict with the rules, but they also tried to understand Dianna’s needs. They supported Dianna from time to time.