After learning that he had prostate cancer, Princess Diana’s former butler stated he is willing to “share her secrets” with Prince William and Prince Harry. This might be his last chance to share things about the royals. 


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What is it about?

The former butler and companion claim that his condition has made it more important than ever to inform William and Harry of what he understands about their mother. The information Mr. Burrell possesses, according to him, “might bring the boys back together,” which Diana “would have badly desired.”


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More about the secret

If I leave this location and go somewhere else, people won’t know, Mr. Burrell said, adding, “I realize most of it isn’t pretty.” Diana might respond to me by saying, “Paul, this needs to be your top priority. You must visit my boys “.


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His relationship with Dianna

The former butler declares that he wants to “do my part” to improve the two brothers’ tense relationship. He adds that the late Princess would have intended her sons to be “stuck side by side for the rest of their lives” and that the info Diana trusted him with may help them get closer.