When it comes to sustainable living, celebrities are often at the forefront of adopting eco-friendly practices and incorporating them into their luxurious lifestyles. In this article, we will explore some of the most impressive eco-friendly celebrity homes that showcase sustainable living in style.

Richard Gere’s Animal Haven

Actor Richard Gere and his family were recently spotted at the Green Chimney’s Birds of Prey event in Brewster, NY, where they had the opportunity to meet kangaroos from Two by Two Animal Haven. This traveling animal program, based in Dutchess County, aims to educate the public about animals, their welfare, and conservation. Gere’s support for such initiatives highlights the importance of sustainable living and wildlife conservation.

Courtney & Co: Reviving the British Button Industry

UK-based button-making company Courtney & Co is making waves in the fashion industry by bringing horn button-making back to the UK. The company rescued the machinery and heritage patterns of James Grove & Sons, the UK’s last remaining large-scale producer of horn buttons. By investing in skills, updating equipment, and launching new products, Courtney & Co is preserving and modernizing the British button industry with eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

HRH The Princess Royal’s Visit to Courtney & Co

In 2019, HRH The Princess Royal visited Courtney & Co to learn more about button-making past, present, and future. The company’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices has garnered attention from high-profile figures, emphasizing the importance of supporting businesses that prioritize the environment.

Import-Export Business Ideas for Small Businesses

Small businesses can also contribute to sustainable living by engaging in the import-export business, which involves trading goods and services across national boundaries. By considering cultural nuances, market preferences, and eco-friendly practices, small businesses can ensure their products or services resonate with foreign markets while promoting sustainability.