Tony Hughes, an aspiring model, was one of the victims of Serial Killer Dahmer. After the series was published by Netflix, Tony’s mother expressed her anger towards Netflix by saying how they could do it. As this is a traumatic experience for them, people related to the victim’s family are traumatized again.


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Shirley Hughes, mother of Tony Hughes

After losing her son, Shirley was the one who was very vocal about the loss. She made sure her voice got heard after everything she went through. During that time, she had to file various lawsuits to stop people who were making money using Dahmer’s image. Now, she is tired of living a life of trauma.


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Allegations towards Netflix

There have been multiple allegations that Netflix did not take permission from the victim’s families to use their portrayal of them before making the series. Many people are not comfortable with that at all, as this is an issue of horror for them.


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Response from Netflix

Still today, there has been no comment from Netflix’s side about the series. Also, the actors working on the series didn’t mention anything about the issue.