Football lovers wait for four ears to enjoy the game of FIFA from every corner of the world. This year, the biggest stage of a football game is going to be in Qatar. But unfortunately, the organizer has banned so many artists and their songs from the tournament.


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Shakira and her Song “Waka Waka” is not welcomed

To everyone’s shock, world-famous pop-star Shakir is not welcome at the event. Also, her song will not be played officially anywhere in the area during the game. This is due to the running dispute between Qatar and Shakira. The news has been confirmed by Shakira herself.


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Dua Lipa is not going to be there due to the ban

People were thinking that Dua Lipa would be performing on the stage of the FIFA world cup this year. But at the last moment, it is known that she Is also banned by the county due to her music and music style. Dua fans all around the world are not happy about it.  


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Other controversies

There have been more controversies among the people in the game of FIFA. One of them is the male and female players not getting paid equally. Also, there has been a proven acquisition that the Qatar government is forcefully letting out people from the country due to the tournament.