Every Christmas morning, it was common thing for people to get a massage from Elizabeth II. This year this is going to be different. As our majesty is no longer present among us anymore, this is going to be a sad Christmas not only for the general people but also for the Royal family too.


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Royal family Christmas tradition

The royal family is used to celebrating Christmas day around the Queen herself. Opening presents, and sharing gifts were a part of the celebration. This year the Royal members are going to miss it, as the most important part of the family will no longer be

with them.


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Christmas with the new King

Although the Queen is no more, a new King has been in the position. This is going to be the first Christmas with the new king for the royal family. With the deep sorrow of losing the queen, the royal family is going to celebrate the presence of the new king.


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Thoughts from the King

King Charles has always been a serious person about the royal tradition. This year he is taking matters into his own hands and making sure everything goes according to previous years.