Former Bachelorette Grant Kemp is now engaged to Chloe Metcalfe. Recently the couple announced the news to their fans. The marriage proposal event happened in Santorini, Greece.

Credit: okhereisthesituation

The former reality star announced that they will tie the knot in the fall of 2023. He also revealed information about the engagement ring, which has a 3.25 carat French Pave setting and a 3.00 carat round cut center stone. The couple first met when Metcalfe was working on one of Kemp’s friend’s music video shoots.

At that time, the musician said, “He really planned to take her there as a birthday present, and even though her birthday is in July, they chose to go in late August just because it worked better for their schedules.” Since it was already planned, he said, “he just wanted to throw her off a little bit by saying it was a birthday trip and doing it there so it wasn’t what she expected.

Credit: realitytvworld

Then he continued, “They were leaving Greece that evening. They were in Santorini and had plans to attend a sunset dinner and things of that nature. So he took her out on a yacht for the day that.”