In the popular series “Drake and Josh”, Drake Bell has been seen in an uncomfortable situation. This former teen actor is known for having multiple types of allegations about drug abuse. After seeing him huffing a Balloon, this got strange.


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What were the circumstances?

An Eye-witness first saw the incident. Drake was seen in his car, with his child in the back seat driving in the Los Angeles area. After the car was stopped for a moment, he was seen huffing from a children’s Balloon. This is a clear indication that he was trying to use it for recreational purposes.


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His history of drug abuse

Addition among Hollywood stars is very common. Drake has been treated for his addiction problems in rehabilitation centers for a couple of years. Everything was normal for a few years. Recently he got caught in a reckless act of trying to get high with his minor child in the car.


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What he has to say about it

Last year Drake had to face two probations for abuse of illegal substances. So, this is a serious allegation for him. Unfortunately, there has been no statement from him about this conduct.