George Harrison’s widow Olivia wrote a book of poetry that was dedicated to the late Beatle. Martin Scorsese has written the introduction of this book titled Came The Lightening.

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The collection of poetry contains 20 poems. Olivia mentioned that these poems were penned for George following his death in 2001. Genesis Publication is going to publish this book in June. Now it is open for pre-order.

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Olivia shared a statement regarding the book. She stated, “Here on the shore, 20 years later, my message in a bottle has reached dry land. Words about our life, his death but mostly love and our journey to the end.”

So, the poems will explore “the emotional connection” of the Harrisons’ relationship. It will reflect the intimacy of the couple by sharing some never-before-seen images of the romantic couple.

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Martin Scorsese who directed several documentaries about George shared his view. He said, “Olivia evokes the most fleeting gestures and instants, plucked from the flow of time and memory and felt through her choice of words and the overall rhythm. Martin also added, “She might have done an oral history or a memoir. Instead, she composed a work of poetic autobiography.”