One of the top models in the world, Gigi Hadid visited India recently. This is the first time for this international star in India, and it was a blast for her. Anyone who knows about fashion or fancy clothing brands has seen or knows Gigi Hadid. So, for Indian fans, this was a treat.

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The reason behind the India Trip

Gigi was seen enjoying various events in India. The main reason why she was here is to attend the NMACC event. At this event, many more international stars like Zendaya were also present. The whole event was full of international stars.

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Her experience

According to Gigi Hadid, she had the time of her life in India. As she is a beloved supermodel, everyone at the event admired her. Also, after the event, she was seen roaming around the city of Mumbai and hanging out with other Indian stars.

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Gigi Hadid in Saree

Sharee can make anyone look gorgeous. When it comes to Gigi Hadid, made her look like a goddess. A white sheer saree with gold jewelry suited her perfectly. She looked like a goddess walking on the red carpet of the event.