Since last October, Zain Mallik and Gigi Hadid have been co-parenting their daughter Khai. After their split up, the fans of both stars were so heartbroken. But the recent birthday party for Khai has made the fans a bit happy about the ex-couple.


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How was the celebration

This year Khai celebrated her second birthday. And Zain Mallik was behind all the planning. On Monday, Hadid posted many photos from the party. The party theme was Peppa Pig and the fans were very excited about it. Also, she mentioned Zain on Instagram today for the party.


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Who was invited?

The party was exclusive, with only a few close friends of Khai and their parents. The guest resident designer also shared a photo on Instagram. Khai and Hadid were shown in the picture with face paint on.


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Overall, the thought of Hadid

This supermodel was very touched by the gesture of his ex. She mentioned in the Instagram story how great baba Zain is to their daughter Khai. Also, Gigi is grateful for her daughter. She mentioned her as a blessing in their life.