Recently a hacker stole Ed Sheeran’s two unreleased pieces of music. This has created a worldwide wave due to the privacy issue of artists. The good news is, the hacker was detected and he has been given 18 months of prison time. According to his fans, Justice has been served.


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More about the theft

A hacker named Adrian Kwiatkowski traded the music with cryptocurrency. Not only was the trade for Ed Sheeran’s music, but 12 songs of rapper Lil Uzi Vert were also stolen and traded by the hacker. Kwiatkowski later admitted 19 charges alleged against him and made him a cybercriminal.


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Verdict of the court

The court proceeding was very thorough about the issue. Police and the justice system took the matter very seriously. According to the city police he had made £131,000 from the music. Also, after the instruction of the court, the police searched all of his digital belongings and found lots of pirated Intellectual properties.


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Other cases like this

This is not common in the music industry. But the same criminal has mentioned that he has done such things previously with small indie artists. The district attorney has said that as cybercrime has no boundaries, it is hard to detect.