The royal family has always been full of news. This year might be the year when Harry reconciles with his family before the Coronation of King Charles takes place. This is a wise decision from Harry, as this holds such importance.


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What is the actual plan?

In May, there is a plan for the coronation of King Charles III. Before this event, Prince Harry has a chance to make things right between himself and his family. This news was confirmed by the publication of the book “Spare”, which is another hot topic at this moment right now.


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About Megan

As this is a big part of Harry’s life, Megan is also a part of it. A close source of the royal family has explained that Megan is also thinking about the meeting. The meeting is going to take place in the coming months, before May 6. Things are now going according to the plans.


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The feud between Harry and the Royal family

It is known news that Harry does not have a very close connection with the royal family. Many people try to incorporate that with the death of his Mother Dianna. But there is more to it that was never published in front of Royal fans.