The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s daughter’s name were set religiously. This happy occasion took place in their Californian home. This is a big event for all of them, especially for the little princess. This event provides the religious and Royal acceptance of the name of the newborn princess.


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Birth date and the announcement

Little Lilibet was born in 2021, the month was July. The couple wanted to have children so badly. All the royal fans knew that Harry and Megan would want a happy family of their own at some point. After the baby was born, they announced that the baby would use the Royal title too.


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More about the title and the name

It might be shocking to many people, but when the child was born, she was not entitled to the title of the royal family. This event of Royal baptism makes her own the Royal position in the family. This was confirmed by the Royal spokesperson.


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About the event

The event was kept very formal. Only a few close Royal and important guests were invited. The program would have taken place early in the year. Due to some complications, it took longer.