Potter heads around the world are shocked. TV series, representing the magical world of Hogwarts? It’s unbelievable. Social media users are not sure if they want to believe this news or not. But when the news source is the intellectual owner of the book, there is no doubt that the show is real. 


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The decision of the series 

It is assumed that the decision for the Harry Potter Tv is going on for a long time. Warner Brothers, the original production of Harry Potter, has thought about it for so long. After the confirmation from J. K Rowling, they have come up with a plan for the Harry Potter series. 


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About the series 

Nothing is sure about the series yet. It is assumed that the series would be released somewhere near 2024/25. Also, there is no rumor about the production work being started. Moreover, no one knows if the series would be based on the book, or if there would be a new script for it. Fans just know that they are going to be amazed.


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Unfortunately, we are not going to see the original cast of Harry Potter. This is the only sad news about the series. Still, there is hope that we can see some sneak peek of the original cast in the show.