The Queen’s departure has been a long time. This is going to be the very first Christmas without the queen. On this occasion, the royal family used to follow some strict events. This year, the events will be followed, but without her majesty. Here are a few of them to remember her reign.


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Holiday Lunch

Before Christmas day, her majesty would invite a short amount of people to a Christmas lunch. The party would have very inclusive guests only. People from the royal family and some important personalities are usually invited there.


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Buying a huge amount of gifts

Gift-giving is a part of Christmas. The royal family is not different from the usual tradition. But it’s about royal family gift giving, things are done differently. The number of gifts they would receive is surprising. But the gifts were not expensive, they were simple and reusable.


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Walking to church on Christmas morning

This was an event that was appreciated by the royal fans. Every Christmas, the whole royal family would go to church on foot. After the ceremony and prayer, they would talk to the general people and have conversations about life.