Netflix has never failed to amaze with wonderful shows and series. People who are Horror lovers and wait for shows regarding horror have some good news. Netflix has introduced some new shows that would be loved by many.


The Deliverance

This is a show which is directed by Lee Daniels. He is known for making thrill shows and movies and is really good at it. In this show, we are going to see some popular stars like Glenn Close, Omar Epps, and Rob Morgan. Although there has been no specification for a date, people are waiting for it.


Credit: gardenandgun


Netflix is trying something new this time. Although they have adapted video games as series, this time they are trying it for the horror game. This has made the gamer community so happy.


Credit: nintendo

Hermana Muerte

This is a Spanish horror movie that is very popular around the globe. This time Netflix is trying to make a show inspired by the movie. Spanish fans are now waiting eagerly for the series.


Credit: filmaffinity

Killer Book Club

This is based on a novel, which is written in a Spanish background. This time Netflix is trying to have inspiration from international stories.


Credit: bloody-disgusting