This popular Tv host has been in trouble recently for his conduct. Usually, this charming man is loved by all. All the media-aware people have enjoyed his late-night show at least once a year. After coming to the US, he got into an issue that made his life a bit complicated.


Credit: nme

What happened

This late-night talk show host is known for being so funny and cheeky. People IN the US also adore him. But a recent visit has become devastating for him. The allegation is that he has acted rudely with a waitress in a restaurant.


What does he have to say about it?

According to the popular comedian, he has acted very frankly in the situation. In the restaurant, he ordered some food. And when the food arrived, one of the items was missing. He then said that “Maybe I should go into the kitchen and make the food”.


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Fans and their speculation

People have an opinion on both sides of the incident. Many think that waiters are not attentive to their job and this should be considered a criticism. The other half thinks that no one has the authority to talk to someone, the most he can say is to bring the food that was not present.