After giving up the royal title, Japan’s former Princess Mako arrived in the USA with her husband Kei Komuro. The couple got married last month and relocated to New York City.

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According to Japanese law, a royal woman has to marry a commoner a royal member has to leave the imperial family status and royal title. So, the niece of Emperor Naruhito gave up her royal title before her marriage. Former princess Mako also turned down a $1.3 million payout from the Japanese government. Traditionally this money is paid to the woman who loses her royal status due to marriage.

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The duo was spotted arriving at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. It is heard that they have arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport after a 12-hour journey. The couple wore face masks and dressed casually. They were surrounded by security guards while moving to their destination. The pair rented an apartment in New York City.

Mako and Komuro first met at a restaurant in Shibuya which is a district in Tokyo. They both were present there to attend a study-abroad event. They both were studying at the International Christian University in Tokyo at the time.

They tied the knot on October 26. Then the couple appeared in front of journalists in a press event. At that time, Mako said, “I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and I am grateful for those … who have continued to support me. For me, Kei is irreplaceable — marriage was a necessary choice for us.”

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Komuro will continue his works at a law firm. He has been working in this law firm after graduating from Fordham University’s law school. However, Komuro failed to pass the bar exam. Now he is planning to retake the test.