Dahmer victim Errol Lindsey’s cousin Eric Perry has recently Tweeted that he and his family were not notified about the series “Monster”. As the series mentions the life and action of the serial killer, they mentioned their options about it. According to them, it is like living in hell again and very discomforting.


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What is their opinion?

One of the family members of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victim has spoken about the impact of Netflix’s new series that shows the life of the Serial killer. They are saying that after all these seeing someone playing the role of the person makes them traumatized and horrible. They also mentioned that they are not saying that others should not see the show. But the show did not leave a good impact on them.


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How did the show depict the incident?

The show also recreates real-life incidents relating to the serial killer. The court scene made many people triggered. Especially those who were on the trial felt that they were in the same position again. So, many people are saying that the show was successful in showing what happened.


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The public reaction to the show

People who were not related to the show also have something to say about how real it felt. Many people retweeted their feelings after seeing the show. Also, they are amused by how accurate the main character was with the actual killer.