Jenna Ortega, the star of the new Netflix series “Wednesday” mentions that she is not going to play safe in the next series of Wednesday. She has experimented a lot during this season, but next time she will not hold back.


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About the series

The series “Wednesday” was based on the popular show “Adams Family”. The family consists of four members and one chaperone, and everyone has a different and creepy character. Netflix has now made a show where all these characters have been incorporated into the modern context.


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Performance of Jenna

Jenna did a wonderful job on Wednesday. She captured the essence of Wednesday and portrayed Wednesday with her phenomenal acting skills. Also, a director like Tim Burton can change the whole thing just through his directing skills. In the end, all the effort has made a great show to enjoy.


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Next season

Fans are speculating that there is going to be another season of “Wednesday” on Netflix. But the authorities did not mention anything about it. Also, Jenna has only mentioned her not holding back. But nothing is confirmed yet.