After Jenny and Sumit agreed to have some interesting twists in their life and explore more in their sexual adventure option, they took a decision that is related to Kama Sutra. On Sunday’s episode, it was seen that they were taking necessary training to make the experience go as smoothly as possible. As both of them have very little experience in this particular systematic realm, they are trying to be safe.


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What’s more?

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh are one of the most interesting couples in the series. Now they are trying to experience something new in their bedroom life. If things do not get right, at least they can laugh about it. On the Sunday episode, they both agreed on trying something new in their honeymoon phase. But 63 years old Jenny was not convinced at first, as age was an issue for her.


The issue which created the problem

Later in the episode, she mentioned to him that she is older than him. With age, she knows most of the things she needs to know. Then he proceeded to tell Sumit that before trying this kind of stuff, she needed to be taught the different positions. Unless it would not be comfortable for her. There is also the chance of damage as the processes are challenging. Also, she is not sure about the positions and where to be.


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About Sumit

When Jenny is having an issue with the new decision, Sumit is very supportive of her. According to him, the change is not about the sex life they are having. For him, it is more about their life in the coming future and making it stronger. For a better future, they are taking this step.