The romance between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake is quite legendary. The actress from Candy and the singer of “Say Something” started dating in 2007. The couple married in 2012 and have been together since, despite a brief breakup in 2011.

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The former member of ‘N Sync and his wife Jessica Biel spent a romantic day at the beach in Tuscany, Italy. Justin chose blue swim trunks and a sun shirt for their beach vacation, while Candy caught some rays in a leopard print bikini.

During one of their outings, the “My Love” singer was lounging on a chaise when Jessica moved in to kiss him. Then, as she walked into the water to swim, Justin tenderly took her hand.

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Later, the two could be seen making a splash when they alternately dove off a pier. The couple, who have boys named Silas, and Phineas, proceeded to engage in PDA as they kissed while cooling off in the water.

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This summer, Justin and Jessica were spotted out and about in Italy more than once. The two spent several days in July sailing with friends on a luxurious yacht around the Mediterranean. An eyewitness at the time informed E! It was reported that Justin and Jessica frequently held hands, laughed, and kissed while they played about in the water.