Less than a week after winning the defamation lawsuit, Johnny Depp seems ready to launch his career again. British guitarist Jeff Beck announced that he will release a new album with this talented actor.

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The announcement was made after a widely publicized six-week-long trial. Johnny Depp alleged that Amber heard that the 36 years old actress has defamed him by calling herself a domestic abuse survivor in 2018. The jury awarded Depp $15 million in damages. Also, Heard got $2 million — for defamatory comments made by Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman. This is a decisive win for Depp.

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About Depp’s album again. Fans are speculating that the album may be released in July. Some people are saying that this is a swift attempt to relaunch the career. According to Johnny Depp, the allegation made against him defamed him and damaged his career.

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Depp’s affection for music is not new. Although he is best known for his acting, he dropped out of school to become a musician. Depp also has made multiple appearances onstage during Beck’s current tour.