There has been a rumor that Klaus Mikaelson is coming back from the dead again. How Much of it is true?

Fans of the show have been assuming that Joseph Morgan might make an appearance in The “Legacies” series finale. Although his legendary character died at the end of “the originals”, anything is possible in the complex universe of “Vampire Diaries”.

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Eventually, this celebrity shared his opinion on Twitter saying this is just a rumor. But the massage has generated more drama around it. The Tweet simply goes, He wrote, “First of all, I haven’t seen anycast from the TVDU in years, not in person at least, I promise you that. All this speculation is gonna drive you crazy. Let go of these nonsense theories about hidden codes, Everyone knows Klaus Mikaelson is dead.”

The way the simple massage was tweeted, created a storm on social media. Fans are speculating that the first letter of each line spells out “finale.” They are considering this as a hidden text. The actor also shared a response video statement on his Instagram account about the speculations, where he told fans to “leave the past alone.”

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Morgan said, “Everyone’s so obsessed with hidden messages. Get all of that out of your mind and trust me. Can you do that?” he said. “I hope so, even just for a heartbeat. So we can find some kind of peace.” Still, Morgan might return to the show. Many of the characters who were dead in the show has frequently appeared in the franchise.

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