Julia Fox is fairly new on the movie scene, having been involved in the fashion industry prior to her first movie role. Her high-profile relationships have landed her a lot of attention and people want to know her claim to fame. Here is a Julia Fox movie list, along with some brief content of each.

Uncut Gems

Julia Fox’s first debut film was in Uncut Gems in 2019. This film stars Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner, the main character playing a jeweler with a gambling addiction. Julia plays his wife, Dinah, who is seeking a divorce while her husband is having an affair with an employee of his jewelry store. As Ratner navigates the threats and violence of his money-driven, gambling decisions, he ultimately loses everything.


This 2020 film was written by fashion designer Carly Mark who’s fashion line Puppets and Puppets has a reputation for being provocative and somewhat deranged. Mark takes her fashion to the big screen with her signature masks and costume-like outfits. Fox plays a supporting role to Mark, as the fashion designer is hit by a car and starts to question the meaning of existence.

PVT Chat

This provocative drama stars Julia Fox as dominatrix cam girl Scarlett and a deadbeat internet gambler, Jack. The film is split into two, as each character tells their story from their own perspectives. Jack gets caught up in his gambling debts, and as he’s working to avoid the consequences from the mob, sees his online obsession Scarlett in real life. The movie shifts to Scarlett who is a struggling artist who is trying to find her way. The two characters seem to be looking for the same thing, ultimately to have their lives in order without the issues that keep them chaotic.

No Sudden Move

This 2021 crime thriller is set in the 1950’s. Julia Fox plays Vanessa Capelli, the wife of a mob leader who is having an affair with one of her husband’s henchmen. Things go south and Vanessa kills her husband, fleeing with a case full of cash. While the mobsters are looking for the design and engineering of the catalytic converter that will shift the way automobiles are made to reduce the effects on the climate, Vanessa and her lover start to leave the city. She ends up killing him, but losing the money in a crooked cop exchange. This period piece gives a glimpse into the mindset toward climate change and the money behind it while providing a mob story backdrop of murder and deceit. This film has big-hitting stars including Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, Jon Hamm, David Harbour, Brendan Fraser, Kieran Culkin, Ray Liotta, and Matt Damon.

Although new on the big screen, Julia Fox has placed herself among some of the most talented and prolific players in the business over the past couple years. Her unique sense of fashion and her ability to draw attention is sure to lead to more opportunities for the world to see her talents.